Light Up Your Home

Light Up Your Interior Space with these Tips


  • Add a few statement lamps. Adding a few statement lamps to your space can give it an instant lift. Look for unique lamp styles and colors that complement your décor and make your home feel livelier.
  • Utilize natural light. Natural light can go a long way in brightening up your home. Open up curtains, linds, and shutters to allow as much natural light as possible. To make the most of natural light, consider painting your walls in light colors to maximize the brightness. 
  • Add dimmers. Dimmers are a great way to adjust the lighting in your home. With dimmers, you can make a room feel cozier and more inviting. In addition, it gives you the option to switch from bright light to softer light depending on the mood.
  • Utilize task lighting. Task lighting is a great way to brighten up dark corners of your home. Consider adding desk lamps and sconces to create more light in a specific room area.
  • Don’t forget the ceiling. The ceiling can be a great place to add lighting. Consider adding recessed lighting, pendant lighting, and/or chandeliers to create more light in a room
  • Utilize LED lighting. LED lighting is energy efficient and cost-effective. Look for LED lighting with different colors to create a more exciting atmosphere in your home.
  • Add mirrors. Mirrors are a great way to reflect light, making a room look brighter and more inviting. Place a few strategically placed mirrors around the room to help brighten your home.


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